Sensors and Heat Detection

The Jantec Electronic Herd Identification System can integrate with various sensors. The list includes milk meters, walk-over-weigh scales, and heat detection systems from various companies. Below is a summary of the options available.

Volume, Cellcount, Fat, and Protein Sensors

The Jantec electronic herd identification system can integrate with volume sensors (milk meters) from various suppliers. Some meters measure volume only, others measure volume and conductivity only, and another measures volume, conductivity, fat, protein, lactose, and other parameters (YieldSense+). One sensor (CellSense) measures somatic cell count. It uses a liquid reagent to accurately provide a cell count measurement. Benefits include early warning of sub-clinical infections, improved udder health management, and reduced possibility of grades. CellSense can be used as an independent system or integrated with the Jantec ID system in which case an actual somatic cell count is recorded. Dtect can differentiate between the conductivity from the four quarters and will set an alert if the tolerance is exceeded.



All sensor measurements are recorded in the Jantec ID system
On all sensors, depending on the result received, automatic alerts and sorting actions can be carried out quickly and efficiently
Together all component measurements result in a continuous flow of information making the job of herd management much easier
Far better accuracy than relying on one result every 4 or 6 weeks

Heat Detection

The Jantec electronic herd identification system can integrate with more than six heat detection systems. Most heat detection systems available use neck collars which monitor for heat and health related activity. The information on some systems is available throughout the day and on other systems it is read when the animal is near the shed. The data from the heat detection system is transferred to the Jantec ID system which will then alert the operator. The system can be set up to automatically sort animals with health problems and automatically sort animals on heat or optionally only sort animals at the optimal time for insemination. The benefits of the heat detection system is that it will save time on observations and improve the fertility rate. Health alerts warn the operator of any sick animals at a much earlier stage than would normally be observed.

Walk Over Weighing

The Jantec electronic herd identification system can integrate with walk-over-weigh scales from different suppliers. The animal simply walks through the race and over the scale. All animal weights are recorded and a graph showing weight movements can easily be displayed. Certain weight criteria can be set to automatically alert the operator if anything unusual is detected.

Portable Electronic ID equipment for Herd Recording Centres

Jantec Systems is the only supplier of portable electronic ID equipment to herd recording centres throughout Australia. The equipment supplied may consist of portable reader boxes, various types of antennae, small rugged touchscreen units, and label printers. Jantec Systems also supplies stickers for the label printers.