Herd Identification

Proven over time to be the best and most accurate ID system available.

The Jantec electronic herd identification system has proven to be a very cost effective and accurate ID system over time. The herd management software combines many features and allows for different animals whilst at the same time making it very easy for dairy farmers to use.  The ID system accurately identifies animals entering the platform and provides a means of alerting the operator to anything that requires attention.




A screen/touchscreen at cups-on and/or cups-off can be attached to a swing arm for viewing flexibility or can be free to move around. The rotary ID system identifies the animal, speaks any messages, displays any alerts and other information on the screen near the operator, and determines how much feed is required from each feed head. Other functions such as teat spraying also occur at this time.



The herringbone ID system identifies the animal as it moves through a narrow raceway leading on to the platform with all alerts and feeding functioning in the same manner as in a rotary. A screen/touchscreen is normally placed at the front of the pit. The herringbone entries are narrowed down to allow for accurate animal identification. This usually also helps to improve animal flow.  With the feeding option, the platform can be fully loaded before feeding commences or feeding can start for each animal as they move onto the platform.


Major Benefits

Accurate cow and bail identification​

Many vets and technicians involved in pregnancy testing, and herd recording personnel, will attest that the Jantec ID system is the most accurate system available. This is extremely important when recording the production figures of the animals.

Visual and audio alerts

The milking screen layout can be tailored to suit the operator. The alert message is spoken on the sound system when cows enter the platform. Coloured text can be used to highlight specific messages.

Controls feed to each cow by production, groups, etc.

The system can control numerous feed heads with each feed head being independent. Different methods of feeding are available ranging from a fixed amount to more complex feeding regimes.

Ability to record all events

It is easy to enter births, matings, preg tests, dry-offs, treatments, etc. or any other event or alert on the platform on the “fly” or later on 

Automatic teat spray controller

(rotaries only – normally situated at cups-on or cups-off or both)

Easier herd recording

Integrates with hand held wireless recording units and different types of label printer

Integrated herd management software

Powerful selection and reporting

Numerous automatic features

Uses NLIS electronic ear tags

Modular system which can be added to when it suits

Proven over time to be reliable and user friendly

Other additions

Has option for automatic weighing, automatic recording of milk volume, fat, protein, lactose, temperature, conductivity, somatic cell count, milking times, and flow rates