About Us


Jantec Systems is an Australian business that supplies leading and innovative electronic herd identification systems, easy to use dairy herd management software, and sensors to dairy farmers throughout Australia and overseas.


Jantec Systems began in 1996 when a feed system manufacturer asked us to develop a fully automatic grain mixing system. That was quickly followed by an intelligent feed controller for a rotary dairy. The National Livestock Identification Scheme commenced in 1999 and that was a perfect time for Jantec to develop the electronic herd identification system for rotary and herringbone dairies. Sorting was added which included the ability to sort pre-milking and post-milking in different directions, and the ability to drive many different types of sort gate. Jantec is the only company that develops and manufactures portable electronic herd identification equipment for Australia’s herd recording centres. Jantec Systems has integrated its software with a number of third party products to expand its range. The list includes sensors for automatically recording the volume, cellcount, fat, protein, lactose, temperature, conductivity, and other parameters. Other products include scales, and integration with more than six heat detection systems. New innovations are always being developed and added.


Jantec Systems have supplied the industry with quality systems that have stood the test of time. The first grain mixing system is still used daily and has not had a day of downtime. Likewise for the first electronic herd identification system. Jantec Systems has a very innovative development team and develop all their own products including hardware and software in-house using the highest quality components and latest technology in conjunction with third party off the shelf components. Jantec has unrivaled accuracy on its rotary ID system which is very important in day to day identification and even more so when milk meters and other sensors are attached to the system. Software is constantly being updated and enhanced and new products are being developed. All systems are manufactured in our workshop and are installed, serviced, and supported by our experienced technicians and agents.