Jantec Systems is an Australian company that develops accurate electronic herd identification equipment, easy to use dairy herd management software, and other products for the dairy industry.


We have the solutions to meet your needs
Herd Identification

Herd Identification

For Rotary and Herringbone Dairies

A very accurate animal identification system that is simple to use and has been proven over time.

Sorting/ Drafting

Sorting/ Drafting

Integrated with herd ID or Independent

A labour and cost saving unit that allows animals to be sorted now or at a future date.

Sensors and Heat Detection

Sensors and Heat Detection

Milk metering, scales, and heat detection

The ID system integrates with various milk meters, scales, and heat detection systems.

Why Jantec Systems?


We have an eye to the future. We are constantly updating and integrating our herd management software and always working on new products.


We have been in the dairy industry for over 20 years. Over that time we have developed many products and still support them all.


We provide the best possible service and support for all our products.

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